Plastic Surgery and Safety

Nowadays, plastic surgery  is  very  popular. Almost everyone would like to have something  fixed. But  it´s  very important to  understand  that  every plastic surgery is  a  medical  procedure, and must be done by a professional board certified by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

surgeryA  safe  hospital is essential. We only work in hospital basis, at hospitals certified with international accreditation.

In Brazil, plastic surgery training includes six years of residency programs after medical school. The first three will be in general surgery f, and the second three years will be (finally) in Plastic Surgery Program. This  means   that   you  need  to  be  a good physician, and  a  good surgeon to be a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery surgery treatments require educated decision-making. We need to know  who  are  the  best  candidates  for  each plastic surgery, the available recovery time after plastic surgery and appropriate expectations.

We are developing this area, to improve the  knowledge of  patients that intends to do any plastic surgery here in Brazil.

The quality  of  Plastic Surgery here is recognized worldwide. Most of that happened because of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy’s work and teaching.

We   are  already  prepared  to answer any question and provide the best treatment, with safety and fast recovery.

Send us an email with your history. We will answer as soon as possible. We will be glad to have you here!

André Maranhão, MD.