How do we work?

First of all, you must be in good health. Even if you have have cronic situation, like Diabetes or Hypertension, this situations need to be controled before any surgery or vacation. If everything is Ok with you, you need to decide which surgery you want, then you send us a idea of the period of the year that could happend.

We will send you a list of exams that will be necessary to be sure that you are healthy (before the vacation), and this will be rechecked when you arrive here.

You will be sent to the hospital in the day of the surgery, and probably you will be back to the hotel  2   days  after.  There,  we  will  see  you  frequently,  and you will have linfatic drenage (massages). If everything goes well, you can be back home soon.

I must remenber that  we  only  work  in  hospitalar basis, with all safety necessary for a treatment like that. Our hospitals referencies have International Hospitalar Accreditation, and are used to work with foreign patients and they do speak english too.

Thanks again for your interest. Send us a email to clarify your decision.